Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about our tours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about our tours.

Is it necessary to make reservations?

Yes, all ticket sales are handled online and last-minute tickets may be purchased from your mobile phone up to two hours prior to the start of the tour.

How will I recognize our guide?

Our guides wear colorful Destination Oklahoma t-shirts, and feature friendly smiles and helpful attitudes! But seriously, just look for the hip t-shirt.

How long does a tour last?

Tour walks vary in time and distance. Please check the specific details on the tours page for duration, length, and any special considerations.

What should I wear?

Bear in mind that our walking tours take place predominantly in the great outdoors, and, in Oklahoma, that can mean a great many things. As our great state philosopher, Will Rogers once said, “If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, wait a minute and it’ll change.” That being said, dress for the climate, lace up your comfortable walking shoes, and get ready for fun!

Do you cancel tours due to inclement weather?

Yes, we will always try to accommodate our guests with the tour they selected, but may need to cancel or postpone if Mother Nature has her own ideas. Inclement weather cancellations will result in a refund or rescheduled admission on a subsequent tour.

How early should I arrive for a tour?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to start time of the tour to the designated location on your confirmation.

Is it only tourists that go on tours?

Not at all, you will find many tourists enjoying their first taste of our wonderful city, but you will also likely find many Oklahomans looking to re-discover their ever-changing and evolving state.

Where do we meet to start the tour?

Tour start locations vary and are included on your confirmation email.

Do we stop at any pubs or wineries?

Depending on your tour, some tours will make stops for tasting some of our local favorites. All wineries we visit are open to all ages, and offer tasting options rather than a full bar, making the visit nice and friendly for our younger crowd. Many wineries even offer soda and juice options for our younger or non-drinking guests.

Should I tip my guide?

If you feel your guide has done a very good job and that they have done more than show you from point A to point B, then please do consider leaving a gratuity. Doesn’t have to be much, the cost of a cup of coffee, or about 15-20% of your tour is great and much appreciated.

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