A Moment in Time Illuminated

From: $12.50

Visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum Symbolic grounds at night, and experience the peaceful serenity of this award-winning memorial, illuminated. Take a path of remembrance through downtown Oklahoma City towards the hallowed grounds, experiencing along the way all of the history and revival that make Oklahoma City great. Learn first-hand what we mean by the “Oklahoma Standard” as you walk the path of remembrance for this national tragedy.



Begin by walking the path of Oklahoma City’s history, visiting significant stops along the way to the Outdoor Symbolic Grounds. Experience the magnificence of the city’s oldest hotel followed by a stroll down one of Oklahoma City’s emerging districts, once home to the automotive industry in our state. Visit beautiful and stately churches, and witness the strength shown by the people of Oklahoma, and the world, during this national tragedy. Arriving at the grounds of the memorial, we will walk through time to experience the history, the progress, and a moment we will always remember, a moment that changed Oklahoma City forever. Our guide will take you through an illuminated guided tour of the Oklahoma City National Memorial Outdoor Symbolic Grounds. Brought to you in partnership with the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, A Moment in Time traces the evolution of this national tragedy to remember those who were killed, those who survived, and those changed forever. We come here to remember.

2-Hour Walking Tour

Receive $2.00 off admission to the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum the following day.