Mansions & Marvels

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Visit some of Oklahoma City’s most beautiful homes with special VIP access behind the velvet ropes, including stops at the grand Overholser Mansion, the Hefner Mansion at St. Luke’s, the historic Harn Homestead, and the stately Governor’s Mansion. This journey offers a unique look inside the residences of state founders and leaders.



This 4-hour tour will take you on a special VIP journey to some of Oklahoma City’s most famous residences. Visit the home of “The Father of Oklahoma City,” Henry Overholser, and take a look inside this grand 12,000 square foot Châteauesque-styled mansion. We’ll also stop at the 100-year old Greek Revival Style Hefner Mansion at St. Luke’s; newly renovated and housing fascinating tidbits from one of Oklahoma’s most powerful and philanthropic citizens, we are sure you will be impressed. From there, you’ll enjoy a special VIP access tour of the stately Oklahoma Governor’s Mansion! Finish your journey with a walk through living history at the 10-acre Harn Homestead. Let Destination Oklahoma be your guide beyond the velvet ropes to visit these beautiful one-of-a-kind houses that so many great Oklahomans have called home.
Tours of the Governor’s Mansion are subject to change without notice due to the Governor’s schedule or house maintenance. In this instance, we will visit the Oklahoma Capitol, Oklahoma Hall of Fame or the Oklahoma History Center.
4-Hour Tour
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