The Road to Rumble

From: $15.00

Trace the evolution of Oklahoma City from Land Run to Tip Off in this exciting walking tour through Bricktown! The Road to Rumble includes stops at the renowned Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, the colossal Land Run Monument, and your journey culminates with a stop by the corporate offices and store of the Oklahoma City Thunder!



This 2-hour walking tour will trace the development of Oklahoma City from the 1889 Land Run, to the Urban Renewal project of the 1960’s through MAPS, and into the journey to become a “Big League City.” Follow along as our guide takes you through the re-development of downtown Oklahoma City, and the inspirational transformation of Bricktown. Follow the scenic Bricktown Canal along the path of history, honoring the native peoples of Oklahoma, and visit the Land Run Monument, one of the largest bronze sculptures in the world! Get to know the people, the neighborhoods, the tragedies and triumphs that have made Oklahoma City a city of hope and industry, and the perfect home for one of the NBA’s most dynamic teams, the Oklahoma City Thunder! Finish the tour with a stop by the Chesapeake Energy Arena to learn more about our home team and to visit the corporate offices and store of the Oklahoma City Thunder!

Please be advised this tour does not include a visit by Rumble, the Thunder Girls or any player. It also does not provide access to any areas in the Chesapeake Energy Arena other than the corporate offices of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

2-Hour Walking Tour
Thunder Lanyard & VIP Pass to Corporate Offices
10-percent off Merchandise in Thunder Store